You may have seen the sensational art pics making the rounds, but I’m sticking to this one. Like a shot heard ’round the world, this photo got a lot of people into trash activism. Captain Charles Moore, founder of Algalita Marine Research Foundation, came across the Pacific Trash Vortex in 1997 and since then it’s become the subject of scientific study and media attention. This photo of a dead albatross chick was taken on Kure Atoll by Cynthia Vanderlip, manager of the State of Hawaii’s Kure Atoll Wildlife Sanctuary.

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  1. Dr Stefan Wellershaus Says:

    Together with Gerd Nassauer I made a study on rubbish on the beaches of Sourthern North Sea (in German). In 1982 it appeared in “Saubere Nordsee zum Leben” (see my Website). This study was not accepted by the readers, may be because it was too gruesome.

  2. Dr Stefan Wellershaus Says:

    The abovementioned book can be seen in my website

    I shall continue to show the whole book in this website.

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