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I’m back!

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

I got locked out of this blog about a year and a half ago and never took the time to figure out how to get back in. But I’m back! Here’s something Rolando Politi sent out asking people to buy from the All Women’s Waste Workers Co-Op he works with in Delhi.

All Women Waste Workers Co-Op

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Delhi ragpickers co-op

Rolando Politi has founded the All Women Waste Workers Co-Op. Contribute if you can!

Anuki sais . . .

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Yanbuki Rolando Politi (in the red hat) sent this message recently:

reincarnate and pray

Dear Yanbukis and Friends,

The message for 2011 is: DONT RECYCLE, REINCARNATE. My work name and mail still is “recycle and pray” but my spirit and actions will be more accurately described as “reincarnate and pray”. The reason being that over the years the terminology of recycling has multiplied: upcycle, repurpose, reuse, redirect etc. – they all boil down to marketing niche ploy labels. After 25 years of field observations, I have concluded that the purity of the original concept of a recycling life has been tarnished

If labels are needed for communication, I prefer to restore the “meat” into the garbage, thus using the more spiritual term of reincarnation for the newly created lives of trash. The original idea of Trash Worship has never changed since its inception, and that is the SELF-VANISHING prophecy of one day having no longer any waste to reincarnate!!!! I myself can’t wait to one day no longer have to reincarnate and pray.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to maintain a critical eye toward “recycling,” specifically in the ways the western/rich nations have been managing it. In this respect, the poorer nations are “purer” since they still mostly reincarnate the garbage into a useful life rebirth – but alas! they also are now under attack in the name of western-like progress with encroaching racket-controlled recycling operations… such is the current case in cities like Cairo, Delhi and others. Also see a recent address by latin american indios at the U.N. specifically dealing with the issue. However, the U. N is way too removed from the field situation and best is always to act very locally and reincarnate humbly.

My focus for 2011 will be to foster neighborhood reincarnations of bottle caps and lids. I can be found on facebook under the guise of Kappo Kappino now.
Wishing all of you a very happy SOLSTICE…

Reincarnate and Pray


artPLASTIEKfabriek is ready for action!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

This radical gang is ready for action. Check out each one here.


Friday, September 24th, 2010

You may have seen the sensational art pics making the rounds, but I’m sticking to this one. Like a shot heard ’round the world, this photo got a lot of people into trash activism. Captain Charles Moore, founder of Algalita Marine Research Foundation, came across the Pacific Trash Vortex in 1997 and since then it’s become the subject of scientific study and media attention. This photo of a dead albatross chick was taken on Kure Atoll by Cynthia Vanderlip, manager of the State of Hawaii’s Kure Atoll Wildlife Sanctuary.

Annie Leonard tells The Story of Stuff

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Big wow and thanx to Annie Leonard for The Story of Stuff!

trashpicking rocks!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

doll head

Doing some research for the “old news, still good” department, I came across the Atlantic garbage patch story again. But wait, there’s more! Look here to see all five known gyres. Today’s find is this trashpicking blog I came across, The Repurpose-Driven Life. I filed it under “shopping.”

I gotta say that trashpicking only rocks if you have the luxury of doing it for fun, not when your life depends on it. Then it pretty much sucks. Go check out for a juicy link on Agbogbloshie . . .

Kappo visits Christiania

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Rolando Politi went to Copenhagen this summer for cap activism.

The Plastiki

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Wow, sometimes it’s good to check out what’s going on outside my head. Look what I found today:


It’s part of the Plastiki project…  recently arrived in Sydney. Click here for an entertaining critique.

remember the hands

Monday, June 28th, 2010


King Leopold II of Belgium was a greedy and cruel colonial rapist – fuck him. I say take down all his statues. But Brussels knitta-gang “Tricot Trottoir” knit a string of plastic hands to place around his statue behind the Royal Palace to commemorate the atrocities of the colonial period. Atrocities like this: “Villages who failed to meet the rubber collection quotas were required to pay the remaining amount in cut hands, where each hand would prove a kill.” The Democratic Republic of Congo won independence from Belgian rule on June 30, 1960, and soon-to-be-assassinated Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba gave a kick-ass speech to mark the occasion. Oh, but back to plastic: love the hood-mask this plastiekfabrique girl’s wearing!


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